At Innovora Research, it is our goal to always provide you with the most actionable research results to help solve any business challenge your company may face. Our successful history has allowed us to become a leader in the market research industry and we continue to work to supply leading companies the primary market research and data analysis necessary to increase their overall success and drive general sales. While we have proven results across a variety of categories, Innovora Research specializes in developing market research solutions specifically associated with branding, advertising, marketing, pricing and product development and design.

Relationships between brands and consumers are evolving faster than ever and dialogue with consumers can help shape and differentiate your brand personality. Our proven market research methods will help you maintain control of the conversation not just by knowing what your consumers are thinking but by understanding and analyzing the impact consumer opinion will have on your brand. Innovora Research has extensive experience in providing market research solutions in the following areas related to brand tracking, development, and analysis:
  • Brand Perception
  • Brand Mapping + Positioning
  • Brand Equity
  • Product Alignment with Value Proposition
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Effective Targeting + Segmentation
  • Brand Strength
  • Impact of Brand on Sales
The ways in which companies communicate and engage with current and prospective customers is changing all the time. In today’s world, your advertising and communication campaigns have to be not only eye-catching and informative but also need to have a feel of innovation and an alignment with the overall brand. Through use of both qualitative and quantitative, we provide our customers with a full picture of where, when, and how to best engage and interact with the people they care most about. Overall advertising success is more likely when using primary market research to understand the alignment between consumers and advertising messages.
We help our clients stay competitive in their respective markets by helping to identify the right segmentation solution that aligns with the target audiences needs which enables future growth. At Innovora Research you are sure to find expert researchers who realize that market segmentation and market landscape analysis are only useful when they are actionable and practical, which is why we concentrate on getting you results that matter. Our individualized process helps account for many dimensions of behavior within your markets. We apply a comprehensive approach incorporating various potential bases from usage and goals to experience, strategies and methodologies to help you better understand the opportunities in your market.
Research factors greatly into the product development process, providing the market input that drives innovation to meet customer needs and desires. It is our mission to help our clients formulate solutions that attract the right customers and generate long-term success. Our research capabilities can help your company better develop a product at any stage. From opportunity framing to go-to-market, our skilled researchers are guaranteed to get you the answers you need to enhance product conception, design and delivery.
Pricing is critical to the success of any product, and maximizing profit margins and market penetration is key to success. Researching and analyzing this essential component is another area where we can help. Our expertise with the Van Westendorp, Conjoint and Value Based pricing analyses can help finalize the culmination of a successful product development process.